Closing the Gap – Myths About Dental Bonding for Teeth Gaps and the Real Truths

Some people love the small gap between their teeth, but if you have a gap that makes you apprehensive about smiling, dental bonding could be a life-changing solution. Dental bonding involves using composite material to slightly widen the teeth that are gapped, and the end result can be nothing short of amazing. Nevertheless, some general myths may get in the way of you asking about the procedure for yourself.

Myth: You can clearly see when someone has had their teeth bonded.

Before bonding is actually performed, the dentist will use pigmenting agents to ensure the material is the exact color of your teeth. After the material is applied, the dentist will then carefully shape and form the material so it looks precisely like normal enamel. It will be highly unlikely that you would be able to see where your natural tooth ends and the bonding material begins.

Myth: Dental bonding actually damages your teeth.

Dental bonding will not cause damage to your natural teeth. Nothing has to be changed about the naturally present enamel before the material goes into place. Therefore, even if you choose to have the bonding removed later, your natural teeth will be just as healthy.

Myth: You have to get the work redone every few years.

Dental bonding is not a permanent cosmetic solution, the material can wear away over time. However, the process of breakdown takes quite a few years for most patients. The dentist may want to see you annually to examine the condition of the work and do any necessary touch-ups. But overall the material can last as anywhere from three to ten years with the proper care. Individuals who smoke, eat a lot of acidic food or drinks, or have issues with grinding their teeth may need more rapid reapplication.

Let’s Talk Facts About Dental Bonding Treatments in Beavercreek, OH

The truth is, dental bonding can be one of the most effective, affordable ways to totally enhance someone’s smile if they have a gap between their teeth. So don’t let the myths get in the way of you calling us to find out more. If you have a gap between your teeth that you would like to change, reach out to us at Gamber Family Dental in Beavercreek to schedule an appointment.

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