Common Myths Associated with Invisalign Braces

One of the most modern evolutions in braces, Invisalign is perhaps one form of braces that is most often sought after in the modern world. These invisible braces have the potential to straighten bite issues without being so obvious because they are hard to see, and they can be more comfortable. Nevertheless, there are a lot of myths about these invisible braces that can get in the way. Here is a look at some common myths about Invisalign.

Myth: Invisalign is only for teens.

Even though teens do commonly opt for invisible braces because they are not as noticeable, the same qualities are just as desirable for adults. Adults that are good candidates for braces also have the option of Invisalign braces and the treatment is just as effective regardless of the age of the patient.

Myth: Invisalign can’t fully correct bite issues.

Invisalign is actually just as effective at correcting mild to moderate bite issues as other braces, but this does involve closely following the schedule of wearing and changing the aligners as needed. These braces can correct gaps in the teeth, over and underbite, crowding, and other general bite issues. There are some cases in which metal braces are a better fit, however. For example, someone who has severe crowding that has created teeth laid one over the other may be better candidates for metal braces.

Myth: Invisalign takes a lot longer to correct bite issues.

On the contrary, when patients opt for Invisalign, some of them get to wear their braces for a shorter time frame than what they would with typical metal braces. Typically, treatment takes between 6 and 18 months depending on the severity of bite issues. With traditional braces, most patients do have to wear their braces for about 2 years and some for longer.

Let Us Tell You About Invisalign Braces in Dayton, OH

Overall, Invisalign can be a highly effective way to help you achieve a smile that is more pleasing in appearance, and the myths should be busted before they influence your decision. If you are ready to find out more about Invisalign and whether you or your teen is a good candidate, reach out to us at Gamber Family Dental in Dayton, OH for an appointment.

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