Should Your Teen Get Their Teeth Professionally Whitened?

During adolescence, kids can run into all kinds of reasons why they feel self-conscious, including issues with their smiles. If your teenager is not so happy with the shade of their teeth, they may ask you if they can get their teeth professionally whitened at the dentist. Here is a look at some of the things you should know as a parent with a teen seeking professional teeth whitening.

Teens should not have any form of whitening done in early adolescence.

Through the age of 14, the permanent teeth are not fully formed. The pulp does not fully form until around the age of 14, and even then, the situation can vary according to the growth and development of the child. Any form of whitening, even home whitening procedures, could potentially cause permanent damage to the tooth. The dentist can do a thorough examination of your teen’s teeth to determine if they are fully developed.

Teeth whitening should only be done with professional guidance.

It is so easy to go out and find at-home whitening products, and this, unfortunately, makes it easy for a self-conscious teen to get their hands on products that may be harmful to their teeth. If your teen who is over the age of 14 is serious about getting their teeth whitened, bring them in to speak to the dentist about the viable and safe options. It is far better to trust a professional for this type of cosmetic treatment.

Even professional whitening requires parental involvement.

If you take your child to a dentist for professional whitening and the dentist provides at-home whitening trays, a parent should directly oversee the process. Make sure your teen is only using the whitening gel and tray as directed and as scheduled.

Reach Out to Us About Teeth Whitening in Dayton, OH

Teens can be really self-conscious about their smile, and even without whitening, there may be things that can brighten their smile. Reach out to us at Gamber Family Dental for more information about teeth whitening and dental care in Dayton, OH.

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