Signs of a Problem After a Tooth Extraction: When to Call the Dentist

Your permanent teeth may be meant to last you for all of your years, but there can be cases when a permanent tooth has to be pulled. Tooth extractions are one of the most common dental procedures, but these procedures can come along with a few risks after the procedure is done. Get to know what to look for after the tooth is pulled that could signal that something is wrong.

The extraction site will not stop bleeding.

After a tooth is extracted, the body will get to work by forming a clot in the opening. This clot is meant to stop the bleeding; however, there can be situations that prevent the clot from forming. Excessive bleeding can lead to what is referred to as a dry socket, which can be really painful.

You have extreme pain at the extraction site after the localized anesthetic has worn off.

It can take a few hours for the numbing agent the dentist used during treatment to wear off. Once it does, you may feel some pain and tenderness at the extraction site. However, if you are feeling extreme pain, it is important to reach out to the dentist’s office for advice.

There is a green or yellow discharge coming from the extraction site.

Green or yellow discharge from an extraction site can mean an infection is developing. It is important to closely monitor this issue and contact the dentist right away if the discharge does not subside quickly after rinsing your mouth, if you feel nauseous, or if you have a fever.

You notice major swelling and develop a fever.

Any time you have a tooth extracted, there can be some swelling involved. However, if the swelling becomes more than localized and if that swelling is accompanied by a fever, it could be a sign that you are developing an infection.

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Healing properly after a tooth extraction means properly monitoring the site and working with the dentist if you see problems. To schedule an appointment for tooth extraction in Dayton, OH, reach out to us at Gamber Family Dental.


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