What Kinds of Stains Can Be Removed with Professional Teeth Whitening?

Your smile says a lot about you and your health. If you have teeth that are stained and yellowed, it can give people the wrong impression about who you are. One of the most common questions about professional teeth whitening is what kinds of stains can be removed from the enamel of the teeth. Here is a look at some types of stains that tend to respond well to professional whitening procedures and some stains that do not.

Responds Well: Coffee or Tea Stains

Coffee and tea drinkers can develop brownish stains on the enamel of their teeth, especially if they drink a lot and do not brush their teeth after each drinking instance. Thankfully, stains that are the result of drinking a lot of coffee or tea can actually respond really well to professional whitening. Likewise, stains caused by drinking soda, eating brightly colored foods, and other similar actions are usually easier to remove.

Does Not Respond Well: Age-Related Stains

Age-related stains on the teeth tend to be more intrinsic. The interior of the tooth may be changing colors due to natural breakdown as you age, which makes the entire tooth look darkened or gray. Unfortunately, professional whitening alone does not usually help with this type of stain. However, there are other procedures that may help.

Generally Responds Well: Tobacco Stains

Smoking can be really hard on your teeth, but if you do get regular cleanings and brush and floss as you should, it can help deter stains. If stains do develop, it is best to seek professional whitening right away. Early stains can usually be removed, but stains that have been around for a while can be harder to eliminate fully. It is always a good decision to stop smoking for the health of your teeth because stains are the least of your worries as a smoker.

Let’s Talk About Teeth Whitening in Dayton, OH

If you are not happy with stains and discoloration on your teeth, it may be time to consider professional whitening. Contact us at Gamber Family Dental to learn more about the types of whitening services we can provide and how they will work to brighten your smile.

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